Data Center Environmental and Safety Technician (Specialist) - Saint-Ghislain


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Data Center Environmental and Safety Technician (Specialist) - Saint-Ghislain
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This position is based in Saint-Ghislain, Belgium.
The area: Operations and IT, Data Center
The Data Center team designs and operates some of the most sophisticated electrical and HVAC systems in the world. We're diverse, upbeat, creative, team-oriented engineers and managers working on a daily basis to develop data centers that are changing the face of contemporary computing facilities.
The role: Data Center Environmental and Safety Technician (Specialist)
In this role you will assist the Data Center Facilities Manager and environmental/safety team in the duties relating to environmental/safety policies, procedures, and compliance activities. You will aid in performing on-site environmental/safety inspections, monitoring, sampling, reporting, permit submissions, and maintain data at several data center locations. Changes with respect to operations and day-to-day activities may require focus to be shifted as necessary.


* Prepare or oversee the completion of site specific environmental permitting (e.g., wastewater, air) and environmental summary tables/charts. Complete or ensure completion of monitoring activities as required by permits and/or company procedures.
* Conduct or ensure environmental/safety training is completed. Also, ensure that environmental and safety incidents are properly investigated and reported.
* Take responsibility for investigating and resolving environmental/safety questions or issues.
* Participate in and/or facilitate environmental/safety meetings and inspections.
* Perform all tasks in a safe and efficient manner and adheres to all environmental/safety regulations pertaining to each job assignment (i.e., wear safety glasses, hearing/personal protective equipment).


* Education qualification preferred with a focus on study in Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Safety or a related discipline or equivalent.
* Strong experience of plant operation or working knowledge of European and Belgian environmental regulations and training experience required.
* Experience with prevention advisor for a level C and Hazardous Materials is desirable but is not mandatory as this training can be provided.
* Excellent communication and organizational skills.
* Must be able to access all parts of the datacenter ? climb stairs, roof access ladders, uneven work surfaces, etc., don appropriate personal protective equipment, and travel to various site locations up to 50% of the time.

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