people-s-place GmbH

IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!YES, we WANT to reinvent the wheel. As our name states the most important thing for us in our key performance “permanent placement” are people. We are a brand new recruiting agency in Germany which is available for our clients and candidates also outside of general business hours.We are a place for people. We want to take care of our candidates’ needs, wishes & requests.We want to connect. It is our goal to find the perfect job opportunity for our candidates.We have the opinion that you can only reach this goal when all parties involved are well informed about each other.We would like to get to know you. Our experience from previous jobs in the field of recruiting taught us that it is most important to meet the exact wishes and desires of all parties involved to bring two sides together. The better we know our candidates and clients the easier it is to find the perfect match.We help you to save time. Candidates are often restrained by time.We are there for you to help you with your applications, to brief you and to organize the whole recruiting process.We seek to fulfill our responsibilities committed. It is our goal that candidates feel really comfortable and always satisfied with our services. After an interview we give you feedback to agreed point of time about the current situation of the recruiting process.We know that for most people the 2nd most important thing in live is work.It is our wish to ensure that our candidates are happy and satisfied.We give our best for you!

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